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Cushion Hitch Technology for Comfort and Control


At CURT, we want to give you the means to enjoy your lifestyle. For those who tow, it's important to us to provide you with the best experience possible. Our team of visionary in-house engineers set out to design the next-generation towing experience that delivers enhanced comfort, increased control and unmatched confidence for the road ahead.

Get ready to feel the difference with CURT’s innovative ShockDrop™ technology.


ShockDrop Anti-Rattle Hitch Vibration ComparisonShockDrop Anti-Rattle Hitch Vibration Comparison

ShockDrop™ technology is an adaptive, dynamic towing system that is engineered to suppress vibrations, rattling, strain on the vehicle and even the tendency for sway in your trailer. It does this using an integrated, flexible polyurethane isolator.

Compared to many other cushion hitch and anti-rattle hitch options that feature complex, external mechanics like airbags or bearings, ours features a simplified, internal design. This greatly reduces the need for maintenance and complex repair work, all while protecting the shock-absorbing isolator from the elements.

ShockDrop™ shock-absorbing hitches provide greater benefits for you, your passengers and your towing system.

Rebellion™ XD Cushion Hitch Ball Mount

Rebellion™ XD Adjustable Cushion Hitch MovementRebellion™ XD Adjustable Cushion Hitch Movement

RockerBall™ Cushion Hitch Ball

CURT RockerBall Cushion Hitch Ball in MotionCURT RockerBall Cushion Hitch Ball in Motion

ShockDrop Products - Rebellion XD & RockerBall Cushion HitchesShockDrop Products - Rebellion XD & RockerBall Cushion Hitches
Rebellion XD Cushion Hitch - ShowStopper AwardRebellion XD Cushion Hitch - ShowStopper Award



A traditional metal-on-metal towing connection directly transfers every bump, pothole and texture in the road into vibrations, rattling and noise inside your vehicle.

A ShockDrop™ shock absorbing trailer hitch combats these annoyances at the source to maximize driver and passenger comfort.

The cushioned isolator absorbs vibrations to promote a smooth, more enjoyable journey.


The cushioned isolator not only blocks annoying road noise, but it also dynamically reacts to jerking and jarring, limiting their effects on the vehicle and trailer and giving the driver increased control on the road.

A shock absorbing hitch also improves control in events of sudden braking, and even helps restrict the tendency for undesirable trailer sway.


ShockDrop™ technology helps preserve your vehicle’s systems, including the brakes and suspension, while featuring a durable design for long-lasting use.

Unlike a torsion hitch or shocker hitch with an airbag or bearings that are subject to excessive wear, ShockDrop™ is virtually maintenance-free and is tested for thousands of cycles for absolute confidence in your towing equipment.


Rebellion XD Cushioned Ball Mount Hitched UpRebellion XD Cushioned Ball Mount Hitched Up

Do cushioned ball mounts work?

CURT cushioned ball mounts are tested for their impact on jerking, jarring, noise and vibrations. Testing has shown a significant reduction in these areas, ultimately providing a more comfortable towing experience.

Plus, unlike trailer shocks and towing shocks, a cushioned ball mount is easy to install and fully removable whenever desired. Even the best shocks for towing can't do that.

Rebellion XD cushion hitch review video


1. Do ShockDrop™ cushion hitches need regular maintenance?

ShockDrop™ is engineered to be virtually maintenance-free. The design is deliberately simple to reduce the tendency for excessive wear and the need for complicated repairs. Each product is equipped with an easy-access grease zerk for lubrication of the shock absorber mechanism.


2. Will the RockerBall™ fit my existing ball mount?

RockerBall™ is specifically designed to fit existing ball mounts, instantly turning them into a cushioned ball mount. The RockerBall™ fits most class 3 ball mounts.


3. Can the Rebellion™ XD adjustable shank be flipped for rise?

No, the Rebellion™ XD trailer hitch with shock absorber cannot be flipped over to provide additional rise. It is designed only for the drop position.


4. Do ShockDrop™ products have an airbag?

No, ShockDrop™ products do not have airbags. Instead they are equipped with an integrated, flexible, polyurethane isolator. The design is engineered to last longer, require far less maintenance and maintain a high level of effectiveness.


5. Does Rebellion™ XD come with any other attachments?

The Rebellion™ XD shock absorbing trailer hitch is currently only available with a ball mount tongue attachment. However, additional attachments are coming soon, including a dual ball and pintle mount.


6. Is the Rebellion™ XD difficult to install?

The Rebellion™ XD is as easy to install as any adjustable ball mount. The shank simply inserts into the trailer hitch receiver, and the tongue attachment can then be mounted, inserting the top pin first, followed by the bottom pin. Pressing down on the tongue while installing the bottom pin will ease the process.

Rebellion™ XD installation video




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