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CURT TruTrack™ Weight Distribution System

The CURT TruTrack™ weight distribution hitch takes an innovative approach to combining weight distribution with sway control. It uses powerful spring bars to level the tow vehicle and trailer, while integrating two-position or four-position sway control to ensure a smooth ride.

TruTrack™ is the smarter choice because of its modern engineering and technology. It makes setup of the weight distribution system faster and easier, and it eliminates the need for you to purchase and install a separate sway control unit.

TruTrack Hitch Comparison


4P Distinctives:

The TruTrack 4P hitch ensures peaceful travel by incorporating sway control elements at four points that work together to keep the trailer aligned. The four touch points produce active sway control with the spring and cam system inside the head, along with the fixed spring bar hookups.


2P Distinctives:

The TruTrack 2P hitch delivers a smooth ride by incorporating sway control elements at two points that work together to keep the trailer aligned. The 2P’s dual points generate passive sway control with its fixed spring bar hookups alone. It does not include the spring and cam system.

TruTrack 4P TruTrack 2P
Four distinct points of sway control Two distinct points of sway control
Spring and cam system + fixed hookup brackets Fixed hookup brackets
Trunnion-style, forged steel spring bars Round, forged steel spring bars
Up to 15,000 lbs. GTW Up to 10,000 lbs. GTW

More features of the TruTrack 4P:

Sway Control FeaturesSway Control Features

Four keys to a safer, smooth ride:

True integrated sway controlTrue integrated sway control

True integrated sway control: The spring and cam system and fixed support brackets offer true four-position sway control and weight distribution.

Long lasting constructionLong lasting construction

Long-lasting construction: The hardened spring and cam components and cast head are less subject to wear than competitor models.

Quiet operationQuiet operation

Quiet operation: Each TruTrack™ hitch is equipped with grease zerk fittings for continuous lubrication and a quiet ride, without the mess

Easy, versatile setupEasy, versatile setup

Easy, versatile setup: The TruTrack™ 4P has two neutral spring bar settings and adjustable castle nuts to accommodate different trailer sizes


Highly versatile for different trailers

The CURT TruTrack™ weight distribution system is engineered to be adaptive and agile to perfectly suit a wide variety of trailers and loads. First, it features two neutral settings for the spring bars. This allows the weight distribution hitch to accommodate narrow or wide A-frame trailers with ease.

Second, the spring bars can easily be adjusted with the integrated castle nuts. This adjustment feature allows the hitch to adapt to different trailers to ensure precise weight distribution, active sway control and a smooth ride.

Hassle-free installation

TruTrack™ is optimized with straightforward instructions for a fast, simple, hassle-free installation, getting you out on the road with less headache.

TruTrack 2P and 4P All-Encompassing Benefits

Easier weight distribution hitch setup

Setting up the TruTrack™ weight distribution hitch is faster and easier compared to most WD hitches. Because it has integrated sway control, there's no need for a separate sway control unit which eliminates an entire set of steps during the installation process.

Additionally, the spring bars on the 4P easily mount into the head using spring clips for fast attachment. The 2P models of the TruTrack™ include a unique tilt adjustment feature that gets rid of the need for washers and invasive adjustment requirements.

Adjustable ShanksAdjustable Shanks

Adjustable shanks available for 2” or 2-1/2” receivers

Like all CURT weight distribution hitches, the TruTrack™ comes with an adjustable shank to allow for the exact height needed to level the tow vehicle and trailer. The shank fits a standard 2" x 2" hitch receiver and can be flipped to maximize drop or rise.

For class 5 hitches with a 2-1/2" receiver, the TruTrack™ can also be used with a 2-1/2" replacement shank. This allows for fast, secure installation without the need for a receiver adapter.

Adjustable ShanksAdjustable Shanks

Pre-torqued trailer ball option

For a complete towing solution, there are pre-torqued trailer ball options available for select models of the TruTrack™. This eliminates an extra step during the setup process to get you towing sooner and with greater confidence.

Trailer BallTrailer Ball

Durable hitch construction

The TruTrack™ is engineered and built to go the distance. It is constructed with forged steel spring bars that supply the necessary strength to keep trailer sway in check and level the vehicle and trailer.

The TruTrack™ 4P features a welded hitch head with cast pieces and an industrial chrome plating on the cams for superior wear resistance, and the 2P model features a heavy-duty, fabricated head that can be used for precise leveling. The entire WD hitch is covered in a highly durable carbide powder coat finish for long-lasting rust prevention.

Durable hitch constructionDurable hitch construction